*CANNOT BE BOOKED AS STAND-ALONE SERVICES (except for the 30 min Foot Massage)

Essential Oil infused Hot Towel Treatment – $10

is woven into the massage and takes no additional time )

Our hot towels are infused with organic essential oils and then placed on areas of your body, based on your aches and pain.  When combined with massage, moist hot towels will produce general relaxation, melt the fascia, help to reduce muscle spasms and pain. The heat from the towels will loosen and relax the muscles and soothe the aches. It’s a lovely addition to your massage.

Soothing Mineral Foot Scrub – $20

is woven into the massage and takes no additional time )

This treatment is a great way to get a mineral boost while gently exfoliating the skin and relaxing your feet, and mind. Our soothing salt foot scrub combines dead sea salt and epsom salt with uplifting organic essential oils, apricot oil and coconut oil. The oils moisturize the skin, which the roughness of the salt gently and naturally exfoliates. We then wrap the feet with our essential oil infused hot towels,  and massage them with a rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus foot lotion, and finish with a peppermint spray to invigorate your feet. It’s a very soothing and relaxing addition.

Foot Massage – $55

add 30 minutes )

This is the focus your feet need. We have specially crafted this treatment which combines heat from our essential oil infused hot towels, Thai Massage stretches, key acupressure points, and a thorough massage of your feet top to bottom. We use a solar infused rosemary and peppermint cramp bark oil, great for the circulatory system and for its anti-inflammatory properties, that smells wonderful. We finish with an invigorating essential oils foot spray. Working the feet also helps your organs, and entire body. A wonderful 30 min relaxing treatment that can be added to your massage or booked as a stand alone service.

Healing CBD Salve – $20

used for your entire massage )

Take your massage to the next level with this soothing and healing CBD salve sourced from Blue Ridge Hemp. Made with the highest quality mango butter base, warming essential oils, and a 200mg CBD isolate, this add on is perfect for anyone suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, soreness from training, or daily stress and anxiety. Not to mention it is great for the skin and increases comfort and relaxation during your treatment. Luxury and effectiveness at its best.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive.

Aromatherapy – $5

used for your entire massage )

Add essential oil aromatherapy to our house made massage oil blend and just breath to fully treat your senses.  

Our essential oils are 100% pure, organic, non-GMO & cruelty-free.